The Addiction
Tales From The Underground - The Addiction (2008) Higher-Res-0

Tales From The Underground - The Addiction (2008) Higher-Res-0

Season 1
Episode Number #01

The Addiction is the first episode in the Tales from the Underground series and was released on March 1, 2008. The color set for this episode is red. The length for this episode is 7 minutes and 27 seconds.The next episode is The Wish.


It starts of in a town called Toolmne ade Tooon. In a house, a friend enters with his girlfriend. He started looking for his friend, Tommy. Then, he started talking to his girlfriend. She haves to leave for her shift, so she and her boyfriend kissed and she left. Later on, Tommy came into his house talking on the phone and putted his sunglasses down on a chair. He hang up and was about to come upstairs until his friend stop him. His friend started talking to him, but Tommy proceeds to go upstairs. His friend was worried and thinks that Tommy is going on drugs. Tommy didn't want to talk, so he went upstairs. His friend was shaking his head in disgrace as he walk away. Later in the night, Tommy grab a device and slowly putted on his head.(Transformation begins here) He dropped the device and started whimpering in pain. His bones started shifting. His backbone now become smaller with a huge crack to represent it. He then got next to a wall sitting down as his hair gets longer. He gets skinnier and his eye color changes along with his teeth. Then, a explosion began in his chest, causing his chest to grow into two glands(Transformation ends here). He then admires his new look and started going out with his friend.